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Use these sites for your Huck Finn video:Purple Planet has free to use & download music.Flickr has free to use & download photos, and citing them from this site is easy.Google Advanced Search allows you to search for photos with Creative Commons licensing.  Citing them is more challenging.RefMe is an easy way to cite and keep track of your resources.Need help?  Here's the...
Website EvaluationEvaluate the following sites using the checklist.  Determine currency, relevance, authority, accuracy and pupose for each.  Which one isn't CRAAP?All About ExplorersDog IslandMan Lost in Outback Survives on AntsRepublic of Molassia
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Smith Academy now has access to over 140,000 eBooks!  Come see Ms. Shockey for log on information.
Los NumerosUse these sites to practice counting en espanol.QuizletStudy SpanishLesson PathsPurpose GamesSporcleAsk for help if you need it.
Follow this link to access Senora Baranoski's Quizlets.
Follow this link to access the activity.
Over the summer it would be wise to occasionally brush up on your algebra skills so that you will be prepared for the start of pre-calculus. There are many good resources on the internet.  Khan Academy is just one of them. The following links are to specific Khan Academy videos and practice problems, but I encourage you to seek out other resources.Review of Factoring and...
Health 9:Follow this link to access Mr. Keir's instructions.Please ask for help if you need it!
Follow this link to work on your Speed Limit Infographic.
Follow this link to participate in the survey.Ask for help if you need it.