School Counseling Updates

A Student Opportunities page has been created as a place where students and parents can go to see different things that are happening in and outside the school. You will find anything from volunteer and employment opportunities to pre-college workshops. Most of the opportunities that are listed here are also posted on the bulletin board outside the main office. Please feel free to come talk to Ms...
Attention Class of 2019! If you want to get a jump on your college essay writing, check out the 2018-2019 Common Application Essay Prompts.
If you are taking an AP Exam this year, please review the 2017-2018 Bulletin for AP Students and Parents Here is a list of the AP Testing Schedule and information about the cost of exams.Sign up information will be available soon.  
Seniors- Please remember to check the Scholarship Website often to see updated information!
View the current list of available scholarships
Some colleges and universities require interviews, some suggest them, some are optional, and some don't do them at all. It's important to look this up under their "application requirements". If a school you are applying to uses interviews, here are some websites to help you prepare. Also, I am happy to conduct mock interviews with you as well. Top College Interview TipsCollege Interviews:...
Important Information for Seniors and Parents of Seniors:The 2018-2019 FAFSA application can be submited as early as October 1st. Also remember to check to see if any of the schools you are applying to uses the CSS Profile. Here is a complete list of colleges/univeristies that use the CSS Profile and more information on the CSS Profile. Please remember that if you need to fill out the...
A representative from Smith Vocational will be coming to Smith Academy on Tuesday October 3rd to give a presentation to the 8th grade. All application material and information regarding the school is avaiable on their website. They will be hosting an Open House on November 5th at 10:30am at their school.
All student in grades 10 and 11 received the PSAT Student Guide. In addition, copies of the SAT Student Guide are available in my office on the table next to the door. Feel free to come grab a copy.You can also find helpful practice test through Khan Academy.