Smith Academy Art Students Update Elementary School's Sign


Thank you to Smith Academy art teacher Julie Muellejans and  her very talented students who recently repainted the school sign located in front of the Hatfield Elementary School.  The sign was taken down earlier this year and repaired by the Hatfield DPW. The repaired sign was then brought to Smith Academy where student both repainted the sign and did the lettering. The sign will soon be returned to it's location on Main Street in front of the Hatfield Elementary School. The students who worked on the sign include: Justine Kim, Emily Marshall, Carley Pedruczny and Samantha Sevigne.  Also helping were Jason Archambault, Natalie Broga, Chris Darragh, Izzy Duseau, Sarah Morin, Finn O'Connor, Jenna Paszek, Justin Petcin, Gabbie Tisdale, and Lizzie Wilson. 



John F. Robert