School District Receive Grants From both STArHS and The Hatfield Education Foundation

Thank you to the members of both The Hatfield Education Foundation and STArHS for grants recently awarded to the school district totaling over $20,000.

The Hatfield Education Foundation (HEF) presented grants totaling $14,124. Theses grants included $5,000 towards the production of the Spring Musical and $9,124 to individual teachers and administrators to promote activities throughout the district that benefit our students. The individual grants awarded included:

  • $250 for Breakout EDU kits
  • $160 for new folding plastic tables for the elementary school
  • $1,800 for 80 additional folding chairs and storage rack for the elementary school
  • $2,200 for bus transportation and admission for a field trip to either Plymouth Plantation or Sturbridge Village
  • $650 for the purchase of materials for students to continue work on creating Rube Goldberg Machines
  • $139 for books and games for students focusing on developing better social emotional skills
  • $300 for snow pants, boots, and waterproof gear to augment the Outdoor Forest Classroom materials
  • $800 to host  a performance by the Berkshire Hills Music Hills Performing Arts Troupe
  • $2,375 to bring a tapestry artist to  Smith Academy as an artist in residence.
  • $200 to bring students to the "Women in Engineering and Computing Day" at the University of Massachusetts  

STArHS presented grants totaling $6,190. These grants included:

  • $2,500 towards a new Kiln for the  Smith Academy art program
  • $1,740 for stereo equipment for the elementary school music program
  • $1,500 for a marimba for the Smith Academy Band
  • $450 for a printing press for the elementary art program 

The generosity of groups like HEF and STArHS helps the schools to provide high quality programs and instruction to our students. They help to 'fill the gaps' that the regular school budget cannot always fill. They allow teachers to find creative ways to enhance the regular curriculum. The important work that groups like HEF and STArHS; as well as SAAAC, the PTA, and SEPAC do rely on volunteers. Often times, a lot of the fundraising these groups do is done by just a few dedicated individuals. I encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about any of the above groups to contact the school. It is a great way to get involved in your school and community, to make friends, and to help our students; all at the same time.

Again, on behalf of the teachers, students, administration, and School Committee, I want to thank both HEF and STArHA for their continued generosity.




John F. Robert