Crisis Information and Reunification Procedures

Western Massachusetts School Safety Task Force

In the unlikely event of an emergency at your child's school we strongly request that you not respond to the school unless instructed to do so.  Well intentioned community members responding directly to the school during an emergency have significantly hampered the efforts of emergency personnel in other jurisdictions.  Should there ever be an emergency incident at your child's school we will, in all likelihood, not be able to re-unify you with your child at the school.  We will instead conduct that reunification at a safe off-site location. 

 We will advise you of the exact location of the reunification site via local media as well as through automated calls (texts/e-mails).  Those automated calls will go to the most up-to-date contact telephone numbers and e-mail addresses we have for you.  As such it is imperative that you keep your contact information up-to-date with us so that we have the best means by which to reach you.  We also ask that you make every effort to keep us informed as to any changes regarding the custody of your child, to include any probate or restraining orders impacting your child, as well as any changes regarding who you have authorized to pick up your child.   

Thank you in advance for your assistance.