Financial Aid Facts, Info and Website

Important Information for Seniors and Parents of Seniors:

The 2018-2019 FAFSA application can be submited as early as October 1st. Also remember to check to see if any of the schools you are applying to uses the CSS Profile. Here is a complete list of colleges/univeristies that use the CSS Profile and more information on the CSS Profile. Please remember that if you need to fill out the CSS Profile, you must ALSO fill out the FAFSA. 

If you would like help filling out the FAFSA, you are invited to attend FAFSA Day. The are many locations avaible in Western MA in which you can attend. Some locations that are close by are: Amherst Regional High School on 11/2/17 at 7:00pm, Holyoke Community College on 11/5/17 at 1:00pm and Turners Falls High School also on 11/5/17 at 1:00pm. For more information on locations visit their website.

Here are useful Financial Aid Websites:

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Federal Student Aid Info from the U.S.Department of Education

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