Smith Academy Students Create Mural for The Hatfield Lion's Club

     Congratulations to Smith Academy art  teacher Julie Mullejans and the Smith Academy students on the outstanding job they did on the mural they created for the Hatfield Lion's Club. On October 2nd, the mural was presented to the Lion's Club during the Hatfield Fall Festival. It will be premanately mounted at the Hatfield Lion's Club Pavilion.  The mural contains images that celebrate all the contributions the Lion's Club provides for the citizens of Hatfield. Each of the students contributed something that is incorporated into the design of the mural. The mural also contains a quote from Helen Keller that is written out in Braille.  Please make sure you stop by and see this amazing piece of art!
John F. Robert 
Students who participated on the mural:
Jason Archambault
Matt Bouley
Natalie Broga
Abi Davey
Madissyn Dowland
Izzy Duseau
Connor Fill
Emma Hobert
Marijn Lagoy-Stowell
Troy Letourneau
Annie Neves
Jenna Paszek
Hunter Petcen
Evan Simmons
Lizzy Wilson
Julian Zapata
Savanna bouley
Travis Douyard
Karlie Guimond
Emma Hobert
Drew Lambert
Morgan Neal
Maura O'Connor
Abby Pedersen
Chelsea Schurch
Maia Seetal
Zane Wendolowski
Nina Zapata
Brooke Rubeck
Maddy Skawski
John Ferrara
Xander Finch
Cam Haley
Thomas Hammond
Bella Lagoy-Stowell
Contributing Painters:
Chris Darragh
Justin Petcen
Gabbie Tisdale
Justine Kim
Molly Kokoski
Emily Marshall
Carley Pedruczny
Samantha Sevigne