Hatfield to Pilot New Schedule and Bus Runs for Three Days in November

Dear Parents and Guardians,          

            Last school year, the School District formed a committee to review the current school schedule and to recommend any possible changes. As part of its work, the Committee surveyed both parents and students about the current schedule and any recommendations they may have to make improvements. Survey results showed that there was overwhelming support for a later start time for Smith Academy.  Current research also supports a later start time for students at the secondary level. These studies have shown that a later start time can improve academic performance, as well as, the overall mental and physical health of students. 

             In an effort to gather data on a later start time, the School District will be trying out a different schedule for three days in November.  On Friday, November 17; Monday, November 20; and Tuesday, November 21, the Smith Academy day will start at 8:00 am and end at 2:30 pm.  Also, during this time, the Elementary School day will be starting at 8:07 am and ending at 2:22 pm.

             In addition, during these three days, students at both schools will be riding to school on the same buses. There may be some changes in the bus routes that impact a few of the students at both the Elementary School and Smith Academy.  Specific information regarding busing for your student will be sent to you beforehand.  Members of the senior class will serve as observers and will be assigned to each bus and the students will be assigned seating based on their school. In addition, each bus is equipped with cameras. 

            On behalf of the Scheduling Committee, I want to thank you, in advance, for your cooperation as we pilot both the new schedule and bus runs.   The Committee plans to conduct surveys and will hold a public forum on November 29 at 6 pm at Smith Academy to gather feedback on both the new schedule and the combined bus routes.  Information will be shared with students, teachers, and School Committee.  

            If you have any questions, please call my office at (413) 247-5641.



John F. Robert