The Hatfield Education Foundation Supports the Schools with over $8,000 in Grants.

Dear Community Members,

     I'd like to publically thank the Hatfield Education Foundation for their generous donation of over $8,000 to fund several grants at both the elementary school and Smith Academy this year.  Students in grades PK through grade 12 will greatly benefit from the programs and activities funded through the Foundation. Some of the funding includes $1,250 to purchase engineering and science materials for students in grades two through twelve and over $2,000 to support the outdoor classroom program at the elementary school. Over $800 will go towards supplying materials for the elementary art program while almost $600 will help payfor various field trips for students at both schools.   The music, drama, and visual arts programs will also receive nearly $3,000 in grants. This money will purchase sound equipment; pay for an artist in residency program at Smith Academy; and help to offset the cost of  props and costumes for the Spring Musical. The Foundation also supported grants that paid for materials for both the speech and language pathologist, as well as, the gifted and talented coordinator.

     The Hatfield Education Foundation has been a long-time supporter of the Hatfield Public Schools.  The Foundation is made up of volunteer parents and community members who, through their charitible efforts, support many activities at both schools. Each year, the Foundation asks teachers to submit grants requests for items and activities that enrich the students' educational experience and are not included in the regular school budget. If you wish to learn more about the Foundation, please contact the school or go to their website at



John F. Robert 

November 27, 2017