Smith Sessions (March 29 from 6-8 pm)

The Smith Academy School Council is looking to coordinate and host an evening focused upon informing our school community on current topics and how to better access local resources. We are titling the evening the Smith Sessions.


We envision an evening that touches upon an array of subjects ranging from adolescent development to larger societal issues facing our communities. We are hosting the event on Thursday, March 29 from 6-8 pm at Smith Academy. We would really appreciate if you and/or your colleagues would  join us to present your expertise or to share how to access local resources/knowledge. We would like potential presenters to decide upon their level of commitment by choosing one of the following:


  • Workshop (1 hour session)

  • Information session (30 minute session)

  • Sharing (Info. table/booth)


The logistics of the evening will follow a non-traditional approach and will be based upon personal interest. Community members will be offered a “buffet” of workshops from which they can decide to attend.

If you are interested and willing to commit to the dates/time, we ask that you fill out our SURVEY. Once we have more details in regards to who is able to make it, we can assess our offerings and start to chip away at the logistics. If you are unable to attend and/or not interested, could you pass along to individuals or groups who may contribute to the evening please.

The survey will be closed on Friday, February 23 at 2 pm.


Thank you for your support and for all that you do.



Andrew Berrrios, Ed.D.