Results of the Wellness Survey are Compiled.

Dear Community Members,


Special thanks to the parents, staff, and students who recently completed the Hatfield Public School wellness surveys.  The Wellness Policy subcommittee has compiled the data along with the latest Federal and State regulations for schools and sample policies from neighboring districts.   Based on the data and the research, the Subcommittee is developing three-year District-wide goals and action plans that will be shared with you in upcoming weeks.  


Simple question/answer surveys eliciting opinions, awareness (knowledge), and suggestions / comments were sent to HPS parents, staff, and students in grades 3-12 in Dec. and Jan with online “google forms” and paper/pencil formats.  Survey questions varied somewhat depending on age-group.  Aggregate responses to key questions across all surveys are presented below:


                  Parent           Staff               SA Student          HES Student

                                                                                             Paper / Online

#responses   48                 26                 25                          46 / 59 (total:  105)


Aware of     81.3%  Y      46.2$ Y       70.8%Y                 N/A

Policy           18.8 % N      46.2%S        20.8%N

                                           7.7% N        4.2% (1)

                                                                4.2% (2)

  (S=Somewhat)   (1)-”know of it but not about it” (2)-”kind of”


                    Parent          Staff                SA Student           HES Student

                                                                                                Paper / Online

HPS             61.7%Y        56%Y           26.1%Y                    61%Y /27.1%Y

Lunch          17%N           44%N           30.4%N                    0.7%N / 20.3%N

Is                  21.3% (1)                           30.1 %( 1)                0.7% (1) / 22% (1)

Healthy                                                  13.4% (2)                 37.6% (3) / 30% (3)


(1)-Does not buy school lunch (2)-Sometimes (3) Don’t know / other



                    Parent          Staff                  SA Student                 HES

                                                                                                         Paper / Online

Child is        N/A              100%                 N/A                              93.8%Y / N/A

Fit or                                                                                                6.2%N



Takes part in 1 or more  Physical activity Other than PE   


                         Parent          Staff                SA Student                   HES

                         N/A               N/A                  54.5%                            46%             


                        Parent       Staff           SA Student                 HES

                                                                                                        Paper / Online

Can talk      N/A             N/A              79.2%Y                           85%Y / 73%Y

W/1+ School                                         8.3%N                             9% N / 5% N*

Adult                                                    12.5% DK                        4% DK/22% DK

                                                                                                               2% N/A

        *Incl. “No, specific teacher name (to talk to), not sad in school” responses



                   Parent            Staff             SA Student            HES

                                                                                               Paper / Online

Aware of     N/A             N/A              95.8%Y                    63.8%Y                               

Social                                                      4.2%N                     36.2%N




Top Soc/Emotional Issues per Staff                                

§  Anxiety (13)                                

§  Lack of Empathy/Entitlement (5)   

§  Peer Pressure/Social Interaction (3)



The following individuals make up the subcommittee: Jean Hobbie; School Nurse, Amy Hutchins; Food Service Director, and Heather Cahill; School Committee Member. The final revision of the Wellness Policy, along with the goals, will be presented to the Hatfield School Committee for approval at its April meeting. If you have any questions or would like to provide additional input, please contact Jean Hobbie or Amy Hutchins at 247-5010.




John F. Robert

February 20, 2018