AP Exams Update!!

AP Exams

The College Board has updated the AP Exam dates and has confirmed they will be offering the Exams online this spring due to ongoing COVID related concerns. The district has decided the best option is for you to take your Exams online at home. If you are an in-person student on the day of your Exam you can opt to be remote that day, or leave early. You will be required to download a Digital Testing Application from the College Board on the device you will be using for your Exam. The Application will be made available as of April 8. Here's an information video about it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUtHuYfPsFY&SFMC_cid=EM470878-&rid=166172507

  • AP English Literature and Composition: May 18th at noon 

  • AP US Government and Politics: May 20th at noon.

  • AP Art: May 20th Portfolio deadline at 11:59pm

  • AP Biology: May 27th at noon      

  • AP VHS Computer Science at June 1st at 4:00pm

  • AP Calculus: June 9th at noon.

If anyone was difficulties with WIFI or laptop/Chromebook/desktop the school will be able to provide hotspots and loans if necessary. I will be in touch with you again as we get closer the Exam administration dates.

Here is a helpful link to make sure you are prepared the day of your exam.