Back to School 2018

A message from Mrs. Chapin

Welcome Back!!


The start of a new school year never gets old for me. I still pick out my dress the day before, pack my lunch and go to bed early. I toss and turn all night and get up early so I will be here to greet staff, students and parents with a big smile and high hopes for a wonderful school year.

This year our bus company sent out letters to all families who are eligible for a bus. The stops have been assigned and approximate times have been scheduled.Please have your student at the bus stop by 7:40 for the first few days. Once we get into the 2nd week of school the buses should run on a fairly consistent schedule. We will be monitoring the new consolidated stops and times as well. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Morning drop offs are always a busy time. I want to remind parents to drive slow and watch for children in the parking lots. The doors to the school open at 8:05 and staff is on duty to ensure the safety of all children. Please be sure to put your car in PARK when unloading on the passenger side. If the morning car drop off line is too slow for parents who are on their way to work, I would ask that you consider dropping of older students on Main Street in front of the school and having them walk in along the sidewalk. There are actually several benefits to this: parents won't have to wait in the long car line and students will get a little exercise before school. If you still choose to use the car drop off line, please remember to stay in line and pull up all the way, stay in your car and have your student exit on the passenger side. Please exit the school grounds to the left of the barn.

Mornings are busy inside the building too. Teachers are getting ready for the arrival of students and often we have morning meetings. Please be respectful of teacher preparation time and wait either in the cafeteria or the front lobby for school to start. If you need to communicate with your child's teacher you can do one of 3 things; send an email, call and leave a voice message or send in a note. If a face to face meeting is required please contact Jackie for an appointment.

The preschool circle is closed to car traffic. Only the preschool van is allowed in the circle. Preschool parents may use either the parking lot by the gym or the farm museum. Preschoolers must be escorted to the classroom by an adult either through the preschool playground door or the front door of the school.

All students (k-6) who are being picked up on school grounds must be escorted out of the building by an adult via the cafeteria. The doors open at 2:25 for parents to wait in the cafeteria for the 2:30 dismissal bell. Please make every effort to be on time for pick up, as many staff members have commitments after-school. Any student that has not been picked up by 2:38 will be brought to the office. If you would prefer to pick your child up at the public library, they will be dismissed as a walker.

Please be sure to send a note, call or email if your child will be going home in a different manner than normal. If we don't hear from a parent, we will be sending students home on their assigned bus. Remember, all kindergarten students must be met at the bus stop by an adult.

School lunches will be $3.00 this year. Amy Hutchins is our food service manager. Please feel free to contact her with any questions at

Nurse Jean Hobbie will be sending home emergency contact / release forms. Please be sure to return these important forms as soon as possible. You can reach Nurse Jean at

School supply lists can be found online at Please contact me if you need help with purchasing school supplies. We have received many generous donations of backpacks and school supplies from the Congregational Church that we would be happy to distribute to anyone who needs them.


Remember, If I don't know about it, I can't fix it. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Happy New Year!!


Jen Chapin