Hatfield Schools to Undergo an Energy Upgrade

Dear Hatfield Community, 

The Hatfield Public School District will be undergoing a comprehensive energy efficient facility upgrade this school year. The District has entered into an agreement with JK Energy Solutions as part of the Eversource MA Small Business DI Program. The program will include interior and exterior lighting upgrades including new LED fixtures and LED retrofits. In addition, there will be refrigeration upgrades, including new equipment and control systems. Faucet aerators and embertec power strips will also be installed. The ten years savings in energy costs for the Districts is estimated at $128,531.52. Other benefits from the energy upgrades include: reduced annual maintenance costs, instant on/instant off lighting, longer life lighting system, improved color rendering, and the disposal/recycling of higher mercury lamps. In addition to the Energy Upgrade, the Maintenance/Multiyear Subcommittee of the School Committee is also exploring the possibility of an on-site solar-power purchasing agreement for Smith Academy.  The upgrades at both schools is expected to be completed by the end of the year. 



John F. Robert