Update 4/24/2020

Dear HES Families,

I hope that you are well and enjoying the increasing signs and scents of Spring wherever you live.

On Tuesday we received the sad news that HPS will be closed for the remainder of the school year. Although the news was expected, it was still a very difficult pill to swallow.  The realization that our students would not have closure to their school year was disheartening to contemplate.  That being said, we will do our best by  continuing to utilize the Remote Learning Plan in as flexible a way as we can. Please let us know if you are unable to access Google tools using your laptop device or you are having issues with internet connectivity.

As we draw breath and dig in for another seven weeks, please rest assured that we understand that school work can be seen as an added source of anxiety for students and parents alike. We want to let you know that at this time, our primary function as a district is to try to provide social and emotional support for students and families who may need help. In addition, we want to try to provide equitable opportunities for students to continue learning, if they can. Please know that it is absolutely fine if households have more pressing concerns during this global pandemic and we would ask that students and families communicate this to teachers, so we are best placed to offer support. In addition, you are most welcome to access some district Social and Emotional support resources, here.

Please also know that this pandemic will pass and that gaps in learning will be filled during the coming year. Know that your best is good enough. We are all in this together and as a community I am confident that we will utilize this support, flexibility and understanding to see us through this unprecedented time. 

I am happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

Please find below updates and information related to HES

Take Care


Lexia Reading

All HES students have been given accounts to the online reading program Lexia.  This program allows students to work independently to develop critical reading and language skills through individualized, motivating learning paths.  Students can work at their own pace.  If your child needs assistance accessing Lexia, feel free to reach out to reading teachers Heidi Poulin hpoulin@hatfieldps.net, or Sara Woodard sshapiro@hatfieldps.net.  

Nurse's Updates

Please continue to use DPH practices for handwashing and face covering if you have to leave home. In addition, please continue to inform school nursing staff should students become sick. Please use the link here to see the latest Nurse’s updates

Grab and Go food updates

The District is currently providing a “Grab & Go” food service every Tuesday at the Hatfield Elementary School.  Please see the Hatfield Public School website under food services for more information regarding this program or contact Amy Hutchins, Food Service Director at ahutchins@hatfieldps.net or at 413-247-5010, ext.314

Google Classroom Support for the HPS district

Parents, we understand that there may be areas that we can support you with. Please use this link as a one-stop-shop for google tools support.

Special Education Services

We recognize that this can be a challenging time for families of students with learning plans. For information and advice, the Office of Student Services phone number is (413) 247-9534, daily 10:00-1:00.  Please also feel free to contact Michelle Otis, motis@hatfieldps.net  

Please also refer to the Special Education Parent Advisory Council via the SEPAC Facebook page: Hatfield Public Schools Special Education Parent Advisory Council