Time to come in, empty your lockers and return things!

Return your items to SA

The end of this strange academic year is fast approaching. As communicated in Friday emails, from May 26th, students can sign up for a 15 minute slot to come into SA in order to:

  • Return school issued books (put these in the teacher bins in the lobby)
  • Collect yearbooks, underclass awards certificates & sports apparel (These will be labeled and placed on large tables in the lobby)
  • If you are in Grade 12 and the caps and gowns have arrived, you will collect these too. If they have not arrived yet, we will deliver them to you.
  • Empty your sports/personal lockers

Please use the link here to sign up for the appropriate dates:

Grade 12 & 11: May 26-29

Grade 10 & 9: June 2-5

Grade 8 & 7: June 8-11

The quarter is still in session, so you should not return HPS chromebooks until the week of June 16-19th

Expectations for using the building at this time

  • Make sure that you wait in your car until your designated time. If you are late and miss your slot, please contact the office and we will reschedule you.
  • Maximum of two people per household (including the student) are allowed in at any one time
  • Everyone entering the building should be wearing a mask and use the hand sanitizer 
  • Bring any empty bags that you anticipate using. YOU SHOULD NOT GO TO THE OFFICE AND ASK FOR  ANYTHING - communicate via email/phone call should you have additional questions
  • As soon as you are done, please leave so that other students can complete the process