Phase III, Step One Guidance

Good morning everyone!


I wanted to take a moment to provide you all with some athletics updates, especially regarding Phase III. 


First of all, coaches still have not been hired, nor have we started the registration process for fall sports yet due to the lack of information and guidance that we have received to date from the state about what the fall will look like. When we know more, I will let you all know how we will proceed. 


Secondly, many people have been wondering what is allowed or not allowed when it comes to training sessions/captain's practices. Captain's practices, by definition, are usually training sessions that occur during the summer that are organized by upperclassmen (we haven't named captains yet, so the "captain's" part in "captain's practice" can be misleading). According to the new Phase III, Step One guidance that came out Monday, the following things are allowed:


Boys Soccer and Girls Soccer are both considered in the "Higher Risk" category and can only participate in INDIVIDUAL or SOCIALLY DISTANCED group activities - for example: no-contact workouts, conditioning, INDIVIDUAL skill work and drills. There is no scrimmaging allowed. A soccer "captain's practice" will not look similar to traditional captain's practices from previous years. Facial coverings (masks) and social distancing of six feet is required when participants are not actively engaged in an activity, for example: on the bench, during a huddle, water breaks, locker rooms, before practice, and after practice.


Field Hockey is considered to be in the "Moderate Risk" category. This means that field hockey is able to do those individual and socially distanced group activities, but they are also allowed to scrimmage amongst themselves and do drills that may involve contact. A field hockey "captain's practice" can look very similar to a traditional captain's practice from previous years. 


For those of you who like to go to the Courts and play basketball, basketball is considered a "High Risk" activity and follows the same guidelines as soccer where participants can engage in INDIVIDUAL and SOCIALLY DISTANCED group activities, therefore no scrimmaging


If these rules are not followed, the Board of Health and the COVID Coordinator (Kerry Flaherty) will be notified and they will inform you that your practices, scrimmages, non-socially distanced runs will be shut down. You can also notify Kerry Flaherty yourself ( if you'd like to report groups that are not following the governor's guidelines.


It is recommended that all equipment used at these training sessions be disinfected before and after practice. You are not allowed to share water/drinks at these training sessions either. Masks should also be worn at all times with the exception of when you are engaging in the physical activity (as needed).  


Due to the fact that the field hockey field is brand new and requires additional maintenance in comparison to our other fields, we advise that you use the field hockey field sparingly, if at all. We need it in its best shape for the potential fall season (more guidance on this to come) and we want to minimize any wear and tear on the field. 


I hope this brings a little bit of clarity to what student-athletes are allowed to do this summer. This guidance is not carrying over into the fall and the school year - there will be a new set of guidelines that will come out as we get closer to school starting. 


Please click the link for more detailed guidelines from the state about Phase III, Step One.


I hope you all have a great weekend!

Ms. Slysz