Symptoms & What to Do

Oct. 5, 2020.   COVID 19, the "Common Cold", and the 'Flu all have similar symptoms.  Because of this, MA Dept. of Public Health Guidelines state that parents/guardians of students who develop new symptoms need to do the following:

Keep student home & temporarily switch to remote

Contact Health Care Provider for an evaluation for possible COVID testing

Notify your student's School Nurse

Keep family members and siblings home even if they have no symptoms until test results are known

When a student is symptomatic at home or at school they will need to be cleared in writing by a medical provider and be symptom free for 24 hrs before any household members may return to school.  Written clearance may list a negative test result or alternative diagnosis (asthma exacerbation, strep throat, etc). 

School Nurses will need to notify the local Board of Health Representative (Hatfield COVID 19 Coordinator) for any students who have symptoms or reports close contact (< 6 feet for more than 10-15 minutes) with another individual who has tested positive.  The Coordinator helps families navigate questions about testing, quarantining, and returning to school.  

These symptoms from the Symptom Survey have been copied directly from the MA DPH/DESE guidelines for schools.  Despite some initial technical issues on our end, we thank the 40% of families who have been completing these daily forms pending the implementation of our parent portal system.  If you need assistance accessing this survey, please let us know.

Jean Hobbie, School Nurse Manager / HES Nurse:

Martha Elliott, SA School Nurse: