Simplify Symptom Reporting

Nov. 6, 2020.  Thank you everyone for taking time during your busy mornings to complete the Daily Symptom Report Form on days your student is attending in-person learning. Here are some helpful hints shared by parents:

1.  Keep a spare thermometer in the car (along with extra face masks, etc), check your child's temp, and complete your report.  *Note* this is not effective with non-contact thermometers as they have been shown to be affected by ambient air temperature.

2.  Try this Time Saving Tip with your cellphone.

3.  While we prefer tracking each child, we will also accept one form listing all children on those busy in-person mornings.  Submit with your youngest child's grade.  Assure that all children have been assessed at home or in the car on the way to school each in-person day.

If anyone in your household develops symptoms: please keep this person home and separated from other household members.  Also, keep your other children home from school.  Notify your pediatrician and your school nurse.

Thank you for helping us help keep the schools open.

Jean Hobbie, RN BSN MS. School Nurse Manager/HES

Martha Elliott, LPN.  SA School Nurse.