New! Streamlined Daily Symptom Report Form

Parents/guardians of priority students are reminded to check for symptoms and to complete daily symptom report prior to having your students report to school on each in-person learning day.  To help expedite this and to reflect up-to-date district travel guidelines, a new version of the Daily Symptom Report:  Streamlined is available.  

While we recognize the risks associated with growing case rates in our state, we feel that the  continued district mitigation efforts will continue to greatly reduce transmission risks in school. These efforts include daily cleaning and disinfecting, utilizing updated air circulation systems, and following public health measures of masking, hand sanitizing, and physical distancing. Please note that during these colder days, mask breaks will continue to be scheduled outdoors whenever possible.  On in-person days, please have your students come prepared and wear cold-weather gear in order to be outside.

Family efforts outside of school will go a long way toward helping us to resume the next step:  hybrid learning for all eligible students.  During this holiday season, we ask all families to be mindful of CDC and DPH recommendations to limit gatherings and postpone travel.  We also ask families to note HPS Travel & Gathering Procedures for all students and staff at this time.

Your assistance with these requests are very much appreciated.