Symptom Report Form

Jan. 8, 2021.  Dear Parents/Guardians:

A key piece of providing in-person instruction for priority students has been communications from families to assure that all students who participate in "in-person" learning are well enough to be in school each day.  This updated 2021 Symptom Report Form includes questions about travel in keeping with recent district travel protocols.  Also, the form has been streamlined for ease of use by families with more than one child in the District.

We need your help to keep the doors open.

Would you please take a few moments each day your child will be coming to the school building to participate in "in-person learning" to complete and submit  Please note that the symptom list (copied and pasted directly from MA Dept. of Public Health and Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Ed guidelines) at the beginning of the form is a handy reminder of what to consider each day as you check your child.  If you have been submitting these forms, please note that this latest version may need updating on your browser.  Also, copying and pasting to "chrome" or "safari" appears to work best.   If you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact your building nurse.

By working together with your fellow families and the staff here at school, you will play an important role in helping Hatfield Elementary School and Smith Academy continue to be safer places for everyone this pandemic school year.

Thank you for your continued support.

PS:  Thank you to all who have been completing these forms, having your family postpone gatherings, and staying close to home to mitigate the spread of the virus.  Additional information about what to do for "covid-like"  symptoms is linked here