Grade 8 Computer Science host Appapalooza '21

Grade 8 students have been designing their own apps...again!!!
Grade 8 Computer Science
We are proud of our students and staff for all of their incredible hard work in continuing to develop Computer Science at Smith Academy. Facilitated by Ms Shockey, Grade 8 students have been hosting Appapalooza21.
Eighth grade computer science students selected a problem to address, evaluated other apps that addressed their problem, then designed their own apps. They coded their apps and collected feedback via user surveys to improve their work (completed three iterations). Below are some examples of their projects - have a look and send them some feedback!
Grade 9 Computer Science
We are pleased to announce that next year all Grade 9 students will take Computer Science and the year following, we hope to have AP Computer Science as an option for students in Grades 10-12. Watch this space!!!