New Director of Food Services

Mr. John Halpin has joined Hatfield Public Schools as our new Director of Food Services.  Mr. Halpin has over 30 years of experience in the private sector food industry at every level.  He recently was a regional executive for UNO's.  He started on July 27th and is already busy looking at what needs to be done to prepare for opening day.  In preparation for his hire we spoke with our former director, and the UMASS leadership that oversee the program last year.  Our goal this year is to attract as many students back into being a part of the lunch program as possible.  There will be more information shortly about how to sign up for school lunch and whether there will be a breakfast option as well.  His first priority is to hire cafeteria staff that can be welcoming, enjoy children, and serve/prepare a hearty lunch for our students and staff.  If you are interested please go to and apply.  Welcome aboard, Mr. Halpin.