Routine COVID Safety Checks

Aug. 30, 2021.  

We are pleased to announce that Hatfield Public Schools has been accepted for the 2021-22 DESE/DPH statewide Routine COVID Safety Checks project (formerly “Pooled Testing”).  Our new partner lab (Cambridge Innovation Center Health Co.) will be providing CIC PCR Testing  for all MA Schools.  Here’s the new Consent Form for all interested HPS parents to submit directly to CIC for this optional program.  

New this school year:  CIC is offering to automatically provide individual followup PCR tests thanks to a collections system where two sets of swabs are collected simultaneously:  the 1st “pooled” into one large collection tube up to 10; the 2nd kept in a single sample tube for potential followup PCR testing if a designated “pooled” tube is positive.  If the collection tube is negative, no further action is taken.

HPS in the process of setting up new systems with CIC.  Former participants who wish to continue need to submit a new consent form.  If you submitted the DESE/DPH consent (recently sent to families), we ask that you submit the even newer CIC Consent Form to expedite your child’s enrollment in this project directly with CIC.  We apologize for the additional paperwork and will work to manually submit the DESE/DPH consents sent by HPS Families to our office.  

HPS Timeline:  We hope to launch the Routine COVID Safety Checks project this month.  

We appreciate the privilege of continuing to work with HPS families to help everyone stay healthy and safe this school year.