HEADS UP Event - October 14 @ 7:00 PM


To Members of the Hatfield Public Schools Community and HEADS UP 


                                           Please join Us For A Virtual Screening Of The Documentary:

                         ‘The Upstanders’: Building Resilience and Empathy to stand against Cyber-bullying


Thursday, October 14th at 6:30PM sign in to register at:




‘The Upstanders’ examines cyber-bullying from the perspectives of the bully, the victim and the onlooker, providing practical tips and resources to change the narrative – to stand up, speak out and support – and become an Upstander, not a Bystander.

Join us immediately after viewing ‘The Upstanders’ for a discussion session with:


Ms. Bonnie Atkins who is the Coordinator of the Adolescent DBT(Dialectical Behavior Therapy) Program at ServiceNet, Inc. in Northampton, MA and has a private practice in Easthampton, MA.  Ms. Atkins graduated from the Smith College School for Social Work and has been working with children, adults, and families for over 25 years.


Sign onto this Google Meet link for discussion session 

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