Grade 8 Field Trip FAQ: Update Dec 9th

Prindle Pond at the Nature's Classroom Charlton MA location

December 9th


Good morning, 

The School Committee passed a motion to allow the Grade 8 trip to go ahead. 

Please note the following payment schedule:

  • 1st payment - December 14th (Tuesday): $60
  • 2nd payment - February 11th 80$
  • Final payment - April 8th $90

If you have any questions, please contact the office. 

Thank you in advance for helping us by being prompt with payments.








October 22nd

Good morning, 

Below are the FAQs from last night's meeting.

Here is the PPT presentation from Ashley, shared last night.

Please email with any questions or concerns.



Nature’s Classroom FAQ


When is the trip taking place?

Wednesday 25th - Friday 27th May 20220  (3 days and 2 nights)


Where is the trip taking place?

Nature’s Classroom in Charlton, MA (Link)


What will students be doing on the trip?


What does “Field Group” mean?

This is when the NC staff will be involving students in a variety of STEM and project based activities at the camp. SA staff will plan out activities with the NC prior to leaving so that this will be a fun trip utilizing the many natural resources.


How much will the trip cost and what are the payment details?

330$ per person for overnight & Bus cost to and from NC: 2600$

If all 33 kids in the grade attend the cost per person is 80$ for the bus - total cost 410$

We have calculated this to be between $300 & $350 per student if:

All dues are paid for Grades 7 & 8

Fundraisers continue to reduce the cost

When will we know the actual final cost & when the fist payment is due?

We will know an exact figure when families have completed the commitment survey by Friday 29th October.

30% of the total cost will have to be paid as a deposit when Smith Academy commits to the trip.


How do I know if I need to pay dues or if I have questions about financial aid?

Please email Kristy in the office in the first instance


What is the policy on refunds?

A cancellation of the trip more than 2 weeks out will result in a full refund.

A cancellation due to COVID prior to the trip less than 2 weeks out will result in a refund of between 90 - 85% refund. The remaining balance will be kept and the school will be able to use this as part payment towards an alternative set of dates for the trip. (This will work out to be about 30$ per person)


What will happen if my student doesn’t go on the trip?

They will come to school as normal and will complete assignments from their regular classes


Does everyone have to be fully vaccinated to attend the trip?

Nature’s Classroom asks that all students and staff attending return a negative PCR test on the day of departure. This should be completed before coming to school on Wednesday 25th.


What happens if a student develops symptoms during the trip?

Nature’s classroom has a full time Nurse on site. The same process we have in place at school is also used at NC: The student would be isolated, the family contacted and the student would be taken home to be tested. If the student returns a negative test, they would be able to return. 

The Nurse on site will also administer medication ( in consultation with families) for allergies


Will the students wear masks during the trip?

Nature’s Classroom will adhere to state requirements and mirror the policies in place at SA in May of 2022.


What are the sleeping arrangements?

Students sleep in bunks in rooms of 4. Students will be asked for their room choices and Middle School staff will make the final decision on room arrangements.


How many chaperones will be going?

We will be sending 1 member of staff for every 9 students attending. Nature’s Classroom will staff and run the trip. SA staff will be present to support and supervise the students during breaks.


How many schools are on site at the same time as Smith Academy?

At the moment, we are the only school who has provisionally booked this time. Schools can secure exclusive rents of the location for an additional price. (Our party number is roughly 35 and the site capacity is 80, so there would be a price increase to secure the location exclusively for SA. Specific details coming)


What information do I need to share before my student can go on the tip?

NC will ask for information in relation to diet and medical needs.


What does my student need to pack?

A list will be shared. The most essential items are poncho/ rain jacket, water bottle, hat, closed toe shoes and long pants.


What happens now?

By Oct 29th - Families to complete a survey asking for a commitment to the trip

By Nov 5th -  We will know the final cost of the trip & the payment schedule

By the end of Jan - Check-in meeting with families and students attending the trip 

By the end of Feb - Sleeping arrangement survey and decision made

By the end of April - “What do I need to pack?” meeting with students and families