Parenting Tips on Student Marijuana

Hello SPIFFY partners,

There are two resources we would like to let you know about.


SAMHSA has recently reviewed research on the prevention of marijuana use among youth and created a guide that includes recommendations for best practices:  Preventing Marijuana Use Among Youth


Operation Parent is also holding a webinar next Wednesday, November 3rd 8:00-9:00 p.m. for parents/caregivers about talking with your teens about marijuana.  We are not as familiar with Operation Parent, but the content looks good.


Rebroadcast: Marijuana- Parenting For Prevention

Parents face more challenges than ever in having effective prevention conversations with their teens around marijuana use. Even though this drug is more potent than ever, perception of harm is at an all-time low due to legalization, medicinal use and methods of ingesting like vaping and edibles which seem so much easier and more palatable. We can’t give up! In this webinar, we will explore the important role parents play, discuss the landscape of cannabis products our kids may be exposed to and learn how we can reduce the chances of our teens using.

Learning objectives

  1. Parents will understand the vital role they play in preventing teen marijuana use and gain skills in having effective conversations and setting expectations.
  2. Parents will be able to identify current marijuana trends and paraphernalia.
  3. Parents will gain knowledge of the potential impact of marijuana use on memory, motivation, mental health, physical health and driving skills.
  4. Parents will identify signs and symptoms of marijuana use in teens and actions they can take if concerns arise.

Presenter Christine Storm, MPH


Christine has worked as a substance use prevention educator with Caron Treatment Centers since 2004. Over the years she has facilitated prevention and early intervention services in schools and child-serving agencies in the Greater Philadelphia, Washington DC regions and beyond. Christine has developed a reputation as a dynamic presenter who works effectively with a wide variety of student, parent and professional audiences. She has presented on the perils of substance use at many local and national conferences and has represented Caron extensively in the media. Christine has vast experience developing customized education to meet the unique needs of each audience she serves. She also has a breadth of experience in providing education and assessment services to independent and boarding schools and consulting in policy development. She received her teaching degree from the University of Scranton and Master of Public Health from West Chester University of Pennsylvania.