Routine Covid Pooled Check Update

Nov. 1, 2021.  HPS Routine Covid Safety Checks (Pooled Testing) Report:  Oct, 2021.

 # Tubes     # Negative    #Positive    Comments / Followup

   107                105                 0            2 tubes not tested by lab - no reason given by lab.

# Currently Enrolled  - 272 (students & staff).  Spring, 2021 Enrollment -  201.    

Routine COVID Pooled Testing and School-Based Follow-Up Testing: Shallow nasal swab samples are collected at school and put into a single tube (maximum of 10 samples per tube). If a group tests positive, individual follow-up testing with a second sample collection occurs at school with BinaxNOW antigen tests as necessary.  Due to a shortage of testing supplies, the project launch had to be delayed.  HPS Nursing was pleased to eventually launch this year’s Routine Covid Pooled Testing Project on Oct. 5.  Since then, brief nasal swab screenings have been offered to students and staff in both schools every Tuesday morning.  This recently culminated with  assistance from the MA National Guard and TrueCare24 staffing to expedite sample gathering, collection tube registrations, and preparation for delivery to the State Partner Lab:  CIC Health for PCR analysis.  We are grateful to both the Guard members and TrueCare for their assistance.

While the currently expanding vaccination efforts are definitely the icing on the public health layer cake, it's important to realize that Covid is not yet contained.  Delta and the limits of vaccine efficacy/duration (hence, the boosters) are showing all of us that among other efforts, pooled testing will greatly reduce risk.  Because breakthrough infections of asymptomatic vaccinated persons (including some from HPS) have been noted, the pooled testing program helps to identify an asymptomatic individual who may be infectious (thus spreading the virus to others) before an outbreak occurs.  Infectious individuals can then protect family members, friends, and co-workers by isolating earlier in their period of infectiousness and, if needed, to access medical care sooner.

If you've been considering enrolling your child, here's the CIC Health Online Consent Form.