Wood's Weekly - November 19

Wood's Weekly - November 19, 2021

  1. As many of you know, Mr. Buckland is leaving Smith Academy.  I will be doing an internal posting for the Principal position for Smith Academy today and a public posting on Monday.  I am going to go for a full time replacement.  I think there are candidates willing to make the move, and after meeting with teachers they agree it’s best to give it a try.  I will be talking with students for their input on leadership qualities and putting out a survey to parents.   Please be on the look out for this survey.  

  2. We will be posting for a Float Nurse position.  This is part of the ESSER III Grant.  We hope to find a very flexible person who can fill the role.  If anyone in the community can fill this vital role it would be greatly appreciated.  

  3. We still have three vacant paraprofessional positions.   If anyone in the community or knows of anyone who is interested in teaching and working with children, we welcome your application.

  4. Director of Student Services, Molly Bremner took the lead on writing a competitive grant totaling $136,875 from DESE.  This is for social emotional learning needs, including our teacher added this year to meet immediate needs, also training for Restraint Training (required by law) so we can pull it in house, and training for teachers around curriculum for helping students develop empathy and coping skills.   We will keep you posted on whether the grant was successful. 

  5. COVID - 19 Update:  We had another three people test positive at HES on Thursday (staff and parent information on children.)  This will mean we will have 33 Tests and stay on Monday.   Our results get posted to DESE on Wednesdays.  There may be a discrepancy with what information gets posted through the CODE Red email shared through the town.  This is because our data is from Thursday to Wednesday and their data is Tuesday through Monday.  Our data will also include staff or students that don't reside in Hatfield.  I know this can get confusing, but the information for Hatfield residents does get caught in Hatfield's data.  

  6. The Massachusetts Army National Guard is winding down their mission to assist in the TAS (Test and Stay) and Pool Testing.  Friday was their last day in Hatfield.  We are very grateful to the EMT’s, and parent volunteers we have had to support our TAS program.  Going forward we have been told that True Care has staffed us with four people who will be available for Pool Testing and on TAS days that we need assistance. 

  7. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the incredible flexibility of our Teachers and Paraprofessionals over these past two weeks.  Between the contributions they are making to the TAS activity to working with students and parents to address the absences for instruction, they have played a tremendous role in making these weeks successful.   

  8. There will be a Student and Adult Vaccination Clinic on December 4th from 9 to 12.  Specific details are being worked out.  It will be at Hatfield Elementary School.  Keep your eyes open if you are still interested in getting your Booster shot and your child a vaccine.  

Have a great weekend!