Good Morning from Hatfield Elementary School and Happy Thanksgiving Eve! 

First, I’d like to start with the Covid numbers. We conducted our final day of Test and Stay for HES this morning with a small handful of students, and are happy to report that all tests came back negative. Likewise, all pools from yesterday’s pooled test came back negative. Currently, we have 8 individuals from the school community who are following isolation protocols, all of whom will be finishing up their isolation periods over the holiday weekend. After the Thanksgiving Recess, we should have everyone back and no test-and-stay to start the day. It feels good to know we’re heading into this holiday break putting this recent spike behind us, and I’m hopeful that we can keep it there. 

As we do see cases rising state wide and regionally, I would encourage everyone to take care when gathering and traveling over the holiday. Please continue to help us by communicating openly with the school if you or your child has been in contact with someone who developed symptoms or was known to have Covid-19, and please continue to help us by reaching out if your child or anyone in your household has developed symptoms. Together, we can keep our school as safe for students and staff as possible. 

We have conferences scheduled for 12/3 and 12/10. As part of an effort to keep Covid at bay, please consider reaching out to your child’s teacher to schedule this conference virtually if you are able, especially if you have traveled or gathered for the Thanksgiving holiday. 

As a reminder, today is an early dismissal. We will start dismissal at 11:45. 

The book fair scheduled for the week of 12/6-12/10 had been canceled due to lack of participation. We will be looking to do a spring book fair instead. 

Please remember that upon our return after Thanksgiving, that we do place a premium on getting students outside for recess and gym. As the temperature drops, please make sure that your child is prepared with the proper footwear and outerwear to stay comfortable in cold weather. We generally use the 20 degree mark to determine if it will be too cold to be outside. 

Lastly, as we head into this Thanksgiving, I wanted to take a minute to say how thankful I am to be part of this Hatfield community. Especially during this last challenging stretch, I have been so impressed with how everyone has come together in support of the school- Parents, staff, the Fire Department, National Guard, and Students have made what was a hard and challenging time into a show of resilience and spirit. Thank you for all of your support. 

I hope everyone has a restful, happy and healthy Thanksgiving Holiday. We’ll see you on th 29th. 

Thank you,


Conor Driscoll