Wood's Weekly - December 8, 2021

Wood's Weekly 


  1. Principal Search - I am waiting for a couple more applicants to arrive.  I had a few people email me but I haven’t seen their applicants in School Spring.  We are conducting interviews from noon to four on Thursday, December 9, 2021.   We will be scheduling an evening event for parents to meet the finalists before a selection is made. 


  1. Hatfield Elementary School Roof Update is still pending. The Facilities Director arranged for a firm to inspect the roof and provide a report.  I reached out and spoke to Florence Roofing.  He’s going to get me an estimate.  He says the entire membrane is shot.  It is in the capital plan for a few years out.  I asked for a patching project estimate.  He’s going to work up the numbers and get it back to me.  The earliest he could do it is next month. 

  2. We received a $5000.00 grant from MIIA (our insurer) for a review of our HVAC systems to determine more efficiencies.  

  3. There was a vaccination clinic for students ages 5 -11 on Saturday, December 4 from 9:30 to 12.  We had 32 students get their vaccination 

  4. Our COVID - 19  numbers as of today have remained solid.  We have had only two reported cases las week. (1 elementary and 1 secondary)

  5. The district will submit the district budget in January. We have a number of factors that will impact this year's budget proposal.  The most notable is that the federal grants will be going away.   This, along with lower numbers in school choice, will mean we have less revenue sources other than the town's local appropriation.  

  6. Report cards for HES have gone out and parent teacher conferences are in process over the next two early release days.

  7. We have had no responses to the Float Nurse position.  I will work with our nurse staff to come up with another solution.  If you are a nurse (RN or LPN) or know someone who is, please contact me.  (mwood@hatfieldps.net)

  8. We are looking for paraprofessionals to work with students at both HES and at Smith Academy.  If you have interest we would love to talk to you.  Please reach out to Molly Bremner at mbremner@hatfieldps.net.