Wood's Weekly - December 20, 2021

Happy Holidays! 

Our last student day of the year is Wednesday, December 22, 2021.  Smith Academy dismisses at 11:15 a.m. and Hatfield Elementary Dismisses at 11:55 a.m.

We said good bye to Mr. Buckland on Friday here at Smith Academy.  He will be missed.  Dr. Conor Driscoll has been appointed to succeed him.  He will start his duties on February 5, 2022.  We will start the search process for the Hatfield Principal vacancy on before the year is out and have interviews in mid January.  If you have interest in being on the interview team please email me at mwood@hatfieldps.net.  We would need your availability during school hours and early evening.  

We have done very well with regard to COVID-19 infections.  Our numbers have been very low.  We continue to want to encourage people to get vaccinated and/or participate in our pool testing program.  

Winter 2021 - Thank you to the Hatfield Public Schools Community for all the ways in which you have demonstrated resilience, and compassion for each other over the course of the last few weeks and much longer.  We have much to be thankful for at this time:

  • Thanks to the volunteers, students, staff and families hard work the November outbreak was wrestled successfully. 

  • Vaccine eligibility being extended to students ages 5 - 11 means the risk of serious illness for all members of our community will continue to decrease. More people vaccinated means fewer places for covid to hide. You can sign up easily for your first shot or your recommended booster (for ages 16+) here. shorturl.at/nqIQ3

  • Although the new variants of novel coronavirus are stalking the country we luckily have the Routine Pooled PCR Testing (formerly known as pool testing) - in place at both schools. Forewarned is forearmed; 

  • It’s not too late to have your child participate in pooled testing (now scheduled on Tuesdays and Fridays).