Smith Principal News 1/13/2022

Smith Academy Principal News

January 13, 2022


  1. Team and individual pictures will be taken Monday, 1/17, for girls basketball at 2:15pm, and Tuesday, 1/18, for boys basketball at 2:15pm. Order forms will be sent home with student-athletes, and spare forms will be kept in the main office. 


  1. Second Quarter ends January 21st.  Report cards will be mailed on January 28th.  


  1. Parents are encouraged to talk with their students about appropriate clothing for this cold weather.  Hats, mittens (gloves), and a winter coat are strongly encouraged.  


  1. Everyone is really working hard to keep each other safe.  We really appreciate wearing the KN95 masks or in a pinch double masks (surgical with/cloth cover) up over the nose.  We are working hard to have kids stay 6 feet apart when unmasked for lunch and snack and mask breaks.  


  1. SA 2022 Yearbook, Business Ads and Recognition Ads

Order by:  FEB. 4 (new date)

Cash or check orders to SA office with this Order Form

Order online at or scan this QR code:



SA Yearbook wants pix of YOU!

Send us your favorite  outside-of-school candid and activity photos 

Email us your photos

Yearbook advisor Julie Muellejans ,

Senior yearbook editors: Lila Guzowski: , or Bridie Bowler: 


What type of photos:  You alone, with friends or family, hanging out, doing your favorite things, activities, on outings and trips, doing team and individual sports, whatever interests you.  Dance?  Cooking?  Pet sitting? etc

Everyone:  Students, Friends, Families:  Send us photos

Who:  SA students 

What: Photos of you outside of school, pix taken by anyone:  Friends, family, you…

How to submit: Email pix to us

When:  Now is best.  By Feb. 4, 2022 the latest   


Note:  SA Yearbook includes a limited number of photos in the yearbook based on balance, space, and requirements, and does not guarantee placement of photos sent to us.



HPS Covid Management update with the latest DESE DPH Guidance:


  • The guidance has been reviewed and implemented with extra tracking methods, safety, and family communications protocols added to current school protocols.  Families who had active cases have been informed of the new 5 day isolation and quarantine protocols.

  • Both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals who develop Covid-like Symptoms will need to quarantine at home and seek testing.  Those who have symptom improvement, a negative test, and who have no fever for 24 hours without the aid of medication may then return to school per DESE.

  • The DESE DPH Routine Pooled PCR Testing Program continues to be urged for all eligible students and staff.  Here at HPS, we’re pleased to have staffing support to collect nasal swabs on most Tuesdays and Fridays.  Followup Rapid Antigen tests are scheduled as needed for positive pools.  “Test & Stay” is included with enrollment in Pooled Testing.  The Nov/Dec District Pooled PCR test results were as follows:

  327 - pooled tubes collected.  7 - presumed positive.  3 - other*

*(Other: “ test not performed, inconclusive, or invalid”)

Based on these, school-based followup testing had 7 positive results.  Additional positive results 

were noted from outside vendors.  We strongly encourage all families to enroll in routine 

pooled testing (currently offered twice each week) by completing the CIC Health Consent 

Form.  Note that individuals who have tested positive need to postpone Covid testing for at least 

90 days due to viral fragments triggering positive test results long after an individual is no longer 



Please note the following resources:


MA Vaccine Locator Site


Private Insurance:  Home Test Coverage


Test Site & Kit Info