Smith Principal News

Are you ready for the big winter storm?

1.  We are really doing well with our COVID-19 Cases staying low.  The mitigation strategies of wearing a mask, getting vaccinated, washing hands and staying six feet apart when the mask has to be off are really working for us.  We do want to remind students and parents to keep students home if they have symptoms regardless of COVID-19 vaccination.  This is even with mild symptoms. 

     Whenever students have to have their masks off (eating or a mask break) we strongly urge them to be at least six feet apart.  This is especially important for students who are experiencing any type of symptoms, even if they are mild.  It's a good rule of thumb to just stay 6 feet apart when the mask has to come down.  

2.  We still have the need for substitutes so if you have any time during school hours to be a substitute, it would be great to have you.  We can provide you with training and we will have plans for you. 

3.  We have been only having Hatfield visitors at our basketball games.  This is a week to week decision and we do revisit the data, including our own COVID-19 data, and how many other schools are maintaining some type of visitor restrictions.  I am hopeful that after Wednesday (2/2/2022) of next week we can resume having visitors for both teams return, wearing masks.  Stay tuned.  

4.  At the moment our boys junior varsity and varsity basketball teams are paused due to rise in COVID-19 cases just on the teams.  The plan is for them to resume practices and games on Wednesday, 2/2/2022.

5.  Dr. Conor Driscoll will be joining us here at Smith Academy as the new Principal, on Monday, February 7, 2022.  We are very excited to have him start in his new role.  

6.  Report cards are available in students’ Plus Portal e-lockers!


Have  a great weekend!  Enjoy the snow!

Mr. Wood

Acting Principal