For HES Parents

March 16, 2022.  Calling all HES Families!  If your child has received their primary 2-dose Pfizer BioNTech Covid-19 Vaccines, would you please send a copy to School Nurse Manager Jean Hobbie by March 25.  Screenshots of the Covax cards that include the date administered may be emailed to Nurse Jean at; faxed copies may be sent to (413) 247-0482.

If your child has tested positive for Covid 19 and you’re wondering about having your child vaccinated, this link from a CDC FAQ page provides helpful information.  We encourage you to discuss this further with your pediatrician.  

If you’re considering having your child vaccinated or, if eligible, “boostered” here is some updated vaccine site information:

Northampton Health Dept. Vaccine Clinic

MA Vaxfinder Site

Thank you.