Wood's Weekly


  1. Florence Roofing is working on fixing the HES Roof.  They have done a patch, but the leaks persist.  They are now looking at the drain pipe.  If that isn’t it we will look at the HVAC unit on the roof in the vicinity of the leaks.

  2. We did get heat in the HES conference room this week.  We are still waiting on parts for heating units above the first floor classroom wings near the gym and the nurse’s office. 


  1. I am still working on the budget to bring to you for a vote on Wednesday.  The School Committee will be voting on Wednesday, April 13, 2022 at the School Committee meeting.  Our budget hearing is tentatively slated for April 25th at 7:00 pm.  

  2. This year’s budget is going to roll close to the black by end of year.  

  3. We are very grateful to the Town for contributing toward the freezer costs.  It is very helpful for our end of year planning. 

  4. The Town identified an old ATM vote that is for school security.  I will be working with our principals and the Chiefs of Police and Fire to look at what our needs are and how to address them.


  1.  The good news is that we are close to being fully staffed for the first time this year.

  2. We are in the process of hiring someone to be the .6 interventionist at HES for the remainder of the year. 


  1. The sub committee reports on work done on our admissions policy.  At our next meeting we will look to edit some of Title I policies to bring them current with the Federal Department of Education language.


Curriculum and Instruction

  1. We have resurrected our math curriculum committee to look at math.  We had a presentation from Bridges Math this past week and are looking forward to presentations on Investigations, CMP and possibly Imagine Math for ideas about how to best meet the needs of our students. 

  2. We will look at our Social Studies curriculum to determine next steps needed (if any) to see how it best aligns with the Massachusetts Frameworks.  

  3. I will be sending out a survey next week to parents to best inform any changes we will be making to the District Improvement Plan.  Be on the lookout for the survey.


Have a great weekend.