Current Covid Info

Apr. 28.  While local and statewide case rates, including a few cases recently reported to both schools, have continued to incrementally rise, the hospitalization rates have (thankfully!) continued to stay relatively low:  a testament to the value of vaccinations.  All eligible persons are encouraged to schedule their Covid Vaccinations and/or Boosters for waning immunity.  The MA Dept. of Public Health (DPH) Vaxfinder Site provides an easy way to find locations near you.

To continue to reduce spread to the most vulnerable members of our communities, we also encourage families to do the following:

     * Monitor for symptoms.  Keep symptomatic children home and follow DESE/DPH  Protocols for both vaccinated and unvaccinated children.

     * If you haven’t already done so, consider opting your child into the free biweekly At-Home Rapid Antigen Test Backpack Program and/or consenting to have your child participate in the free in-school Routine Pooled PCR testing program by completing this CIC Health Consent.

     * Administer the home rapid antigen test to your child:  if symptoms develop, if you or your child have been exposed, and on a routine basis at least once per week (here at HPS, we encourage testing on Fridays)

     * Report all positive home tests to the Pos Home Test Report Site recently established by the Northampton Health Department.  NHD is collaborating with 17 local towns and cities in providing regional public health services and has established this site for data collection purposes.  More info is available here

We continue to be grateful to all HPS families for keeping us informed and for their ongoing support.