Health Info & Forms for this School Year

July 29, 2022.   Local stores have begun promoting "back-to-school" sales .... already!  To help families begin preparations for this year's "back-to-school" student health needs, here are some reminders:

*Please provide immunization and physical exam documents dated and signed by your child’s PCP (Primary Care Provider) from within the past year to help assure continuity of care while your child is in school.   All students entering grades* PreK, K, 4, 7, 10, and 11 and those who are new to HPS need to have these forms filed with the School Nurse per MA Department of Public Health.

* Up-to-date Immunization Record (from PCP).  For more info, click the DPH  Immunization Requirements for School Entry under "school & camp requirements".   Written religious or medical exemptions need to be submitted each school year.  Note that all students and staff are also encouraged to get the Covid and  Influenza Vaccines and boosters when eligible.  While the public policy discussion about how best to address omicron is currently in the news, it's important to note that scientists and physicians do agree that Covid-19 vaccines are preventing severe illness, hospitalization and death for hundreds of millions of people who've received them already (American Academy of Pediatrics).    Check out the AAP Covid Vax Checklist for Kids for more info. 

* Physical Exam Record (from PCP).  While helpful to have on file for all, students in the grades listed above* must provide these to their Building Nurse.  Student athletes are also required to provide up-dated physical exam records within every 13 months to maintain eligibility to play.  These need to be kept current for the entire season.  Check out Family ID for further details and to enroll your student athlete.

Emergency Contact/Authorization to Treat Forms  Please complete both sides, sign and submit to your building nurse for each child enrolled.

Release to Exchange Info Form.  Parents/guardians are encouraged to complete this form each school year to help facilitate coordination of care between school nurses and your child's providers during school hours.

Medication Order Form or PCP equivalent allowing school nurse or designee to administer medications during regular school hours needs to be filed with your child's building nurse for all prescription, over-the-counter (not already checked on the "Auth to Treat" form above) and holistic medications.  Medication exchanges need to be arranged by appointment between the parent/guardian or adult designee directly with the school nurse.  Other staff may not accept medications at any time per DPH regulations.  For the general safety of all, students may not carry medications of any kind in school without the written permission of the PCP, the parents, and the school nurse to assure safety (with limited exceptions permitted per DPH).

Your child’s providers may fax or email the appropriate forms directly to your child’s Building Nurse. 

The State-wide Covid-19 Pooled Testing Program was discontinued effective June 30.  At this time, we are happy to offer free iHealth Covid-19 Test Kits to all HPS families.  Please contact your Building Nurse to request your kits.

We encourage you to use the When to keep Child at Home  list as a helpful guide in deciding when your child should stay home from school.  As always,  please feel free to contact your building nurse to report and discuss symptom management.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work with all families to help their children

be healthy, safe, and ready to learn.


Jean Hobbie RN BSN                                         Martha Elliott LPN

School Nurse Manager                                      SA  Nurse                             

(F) (413) 247-0482 / (P) 413 247-5010                 (F) (413) 247-0201 / (P) 247-5641