June 2015


Greetings! I hope this monthly newsletter finds you and your family doing well. Another school year has passed and summer is upon us...

A huge thank you to the Berkshire Hills Music Academy for the concert they provided SA students and faculty. What a talented group of musicians. A large thank you to the Hatfield Education Foundation for making it all possible with the grant they provided.  

I am asking for your support in enforcing our dress code. The warmer weather promotes comfortable dress; however, students are blatantly disregarding the dress code. These students will be asked to call home for a change of clothes. Further infractions will call for disciplinary measures to be applied. Again, my intention is not to single out anyone or cause unnecessary headaches for parents/guardians, but we have a policy that clearly states what is acceptable. Your assistance in helping with this is beyond appreciated. The policy can be found in our handbook.

I wanted to commend all our students for their hard work with the Math and Science MCAS tests.

After thirty-four years of honorable service to Smith Academy, Mr. Hopkins will retire at the conclusion of this school year. His recognition both at a school concert and at graduation were testaments to the impact he has had at Smith Academy: he will be missed. Being aware of this early in the year permitted for a mid-year search and interview process. The interview committee concluded that Mr. Matt Brown was the best candidate. Currently, Mr. Brown is transitioning into the position and will take full responsibilities on July 1. We are also in the process of interviewing and searching for two high school positions (Math and Science). After fourteen years of honorable service to Smith Academy, Ms. Karen Blanchard will also be retiring. The interview committee conducted several rounds of interviews and decided that Mrs. Kristy Dadmun was our number one selection. Mrs. Dadmun currently serves as a special education administrative assistant at Hatfield Elementary. We are excited for our new hires and hope to find the best qualified educators for positions that have yet to be filled. 

If students are seeking employment in the near future, they must follow Massachusetts State Law and adhere to proper permit requirements. More information can be found here: Youth Employment

A reminder that the Massachusetts Dept. of Secondary and Elementary Education (MDESE) has recently made changes to their requirements for the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship Awards. Beginning with the class of 2016, a student’s score on a high school Science and Technology/Engineering (STE) MCAS test will be added to the eligibility criteria for the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship. Therefore, the score for a grade 9 or 10 student who takes one of the June 2015 STE MCAS tests will count toward his or her scholarship eligibility. More information can be found here: Adams Scholarship Award

We have taken steps to realign our Math sequence of courses at Smith Academy. These changes will create greater access, further diversify classes for our learners, and fulfill both CCSS/MDESE recommendations. Please see additional information here: Math Sequence Information.

The underclassmen and middle school will have final exams during the last full week of school. High school students will be dismissed once their exams are completed. Middle school students will be released at 11:15. You can find both schedules here:

Middle School 6/18-19 (SCHEDULE)

High School 6/17-19 (SCHEDULE)

Important Dates:

  • 6/9: Sophomore students taking the S.A.F.E. assessment from Mass. Dept. of Fire and Safety
    • More info can be found here: S.A.F.E.
  • 6/12: Underclassmen Award ceremony Sherry A. Webb Gymnasium 8:00 am
  • 6/16: HES Step-up Day
  • 6/17,18,19: Underclassmen Final Exams 
  • 6/18-19: Middle School Final Exams (.5 days for students)
  • 6/20: Strawberry Festival at HES
  • 6/22 – Final Exam Make-up Day
  • 6/22: Last day of school year

I will release a summer bulletin once summer break is in full swing. This will cover schedules, guidance office hours, and other information relevant to the 2015-16 school year. 

I wish the Class of 2015 nothing but the best as they move on to the next chapter of their lives. 

Thank you for another amazing year!


Mr. Andrew Berrios