4/29/16 Lockdown Drill

Dear Parents/Guardians,

   I am writing to communicate that we conducted an unannounced “Lockdown” drill at approximately 7:30 am this morning. Working alongside the Hatfield Police Department and Massachusetts State Troopers, we carried out the drill to assess areas of concern in the event we are ever faced with a serious threat.

   I would like to assume that Smith Academy would never be faced with a hostile situation; however, the faculty and I always want to practice thorough preparedness in the event student safety is ever placed in jeopardy. Proactive drills and clear protocols are our greatest ally in these potential situations.

   Again, I just want to reiterate this was a drill and carried out for proactive purposes focused upon student safety and building security. Your child’s safety and wellbeing is my utmost priority.


Andrew Berrios