District-wide Wellness Goals Campaign

February is National Heart Month:  time to launch the Wellness Goals Campaign (ADF-A).  Let's promote health within our families and schools with nutrition, physical activity, and social/emotional choices. Thanks to support from the Hatfield Lions Club, the C&S Wholesale Foundation, and the District Wellness Committee, students, families, and staff are invited to celebrate National Heart Month by participating in this Campaign for one week.  Together, let's aim for the week of Valentine's Day (Feb. 11-15) by trying the following:

  • Use the USDA Choose My Plate nutrition program as a guide by choosing meals with the five basic foods:  filling 1/2 our plate with vegetables and fruits, eating whole grains, varying the proteins, and including calcium-rich foods.
  • Aim to follow "5-2-1-0-Plus" each day: 
    • 5 servings vegetables and fruits
    • Limit recreational screen time to no more than 2 hours
    • Be physically active for at least 1 hour
    • Limit drinks with added sweeteners to "0"
    • Plus: Choose at least one stress-reducing activity

We invite you to try one or all of the above activities and track your efforts for one week (Feb. 11-15).  Tracking logs will be sent home with your student shortly. Choosing to drink plain, low fat milk instead of chocolate, going for a brisk walk, and pausing to enjoy music can go a long way toward helping to feel well with the added benefit of promoting a healthy heart.

"Small changes can add up to big wins!"