Title VI,Title II, Title IX/ADA/504 Services

ADA Services

Students, parents, guardians, members of the general public, job applicants and others are entitled to participate in and benefit from all school programs, activities, and services without regard to disability. To request ADA services please contact the Superintendent's Office at (413) 247-0486. 

Title VI, Title II Title IX and Section 504

The following individuals serve as the Title VI, Title II, Title IX and 504 Compliance Officers:
  • Smith Academy: Emily Anderson,  School Psychologist, 247-5641
  • Hatfield Elementary School:  Charvy Chau,  Adjustment Counselor, 247-5010 

Title IX training

August 13th, 2020, Collaborative for Educational Services, Title IX: Compliance and the regulations' revision for school personnel, Regina, Tate. Training materials