School Choice

School Choice openings for the school year 2021/2022 are as follows:
Grade K = 3 slots
Grade 1 = 11 slots  
Grade 2 = 1 slots
Grade 4 = 7 slots
Grade 5 = 1 slots
Grade 6 = 7 slots
Grade 7 = 5 slots
Grade 9 = 7 slots
Grade 10 = 5 slots
Grade 11 = 5 slots
Applications are available in the link menu to the left.  
Small Class Sizes, Middle & High School Sports
Performing & Visual Arts, Wireless Technology
College, AP, ASL, and VHS Courses.

For more information please contact:

Riley Malinowski, Hatfield Public Schools
34 School Street, Hatfield, MA  01038
(413) 247-5641


Come to Hatfield Elementary or Smith Academy Via The School Choice Program

Did you know that your elementary, middle and/or high school age child can attend Hatfield Public Schools even though he or she lives in a town or city other than Hatfield at no cost to you?   It’s true.  In fact, over 25% of the students enrolled in the Hatfield Public Schools do not reside in Hatfield.  

To read more about the laws governing School Choice in Massachusetts, please go to

“Smith Academy has provided me with a quality education for the four years that I’ve gone here. The small, tight-knit community offers more intimate class sizes without forgoing the social variety of a larger school.” - Ben Bricker (Grade 12)

“Smith Academy is unique in the way it offers the high academic standard of a private school in a small public school setting.  It is certainly worth the drive from Greenfield every day.” - Sam Boucher (Grade 12)

“In addition to the high academic standards, the sports program is fabulous.  It is inclusive to kids who enjoy sports but may not be star athletes.  Because of Smith Academy’s size, the program is able to include those who wish to play, while receiving great support and instruction.  It really is a gem.  In short, Smith Academy is a public school with a private school feel.” Christine Adams (SA Parent)

Extracurricular Activities
Come and be a part of the Smith Academy tradition of excellence in athletics.  Our teams consistently compete for and earn League and Western Massachusetts Championships.  Take advantage of our caring and dedicated coaching staff and develop your skills to their fullest potential.  All students are encouraged to participate in any and all of the sports and activities that we offer; there is always a place for you.

Athletic Teams:  
Field Hockey (V & JV)
Golf (V)
Boys/Girls Soccer (V & JV)
Boys/Girls Basketball (V & JV)
Ice Hockey (Co-op with Greenfield High School)
Cheerleading (V)
Baseball (V & JV)
Softball (V & JV)
Football (Co-op with Smith Vocational)

Clubs and Activities:
As Schools Match Wits

BOKS (Elementary level)
Project-Based Learning
Spring Musical
Student Council