Program of Studies

Our rigorous college preparatory Program of Studies prepares students to transition to college-level academic work, vocational training, or employment in the work force. Full-year classes (180 days) meet 4 times weekly for an average of 240 minutes and are awarded 5 academic credits. Half-year classes meet on an average of 120 minutes weekly and are awarded 2.5 academic credits. Typically, students carry 7 courses.
Staff: 21 teachers, 1 guidance counselor, 1 librarian, and 1 principal. Facility: 3 science laboratories, 1 gymnasium, 2 computer labs, 1 guidance/college and career planning office, and 1 library media center.

Special Components of the Curriculum:

College Courses:

Students are permitted to take courses at nearby colleges and universities for enrichment purposes. Credit will be granted for such course work upon successful completion of the course. Credits are entered on the transcript and are used in the computation of the grade point average. College courses (100 level and above) receive a weight equal to an Advanced Placement course.