Grades and Graduation Requirements

Rank and Grade Point Average (GPA)

Rank in class is not calculated at Smith Academy except to determine first, second, and third placement in the senior class. At the end of the fourth marking period of the senior year, the cumulative GPA is updated and used for establishing the Valedictorian (Class Rank = 1), Salutatorian (Class Rank = 2), and the individual with Third Honors (Class Rank = 3).

The Honor Roll is based on a Quarter Point Average (QPA) with 3.0 – 3.66 being honors and 3.67 and above being high honors. All courses are included in the determination of the QPA. No student is placed on the Honor Roll if he/she has a “D” or “F” in any subject. The honor roll is a calculated GPA for one quarter only and is not a cumulative GPA.

High school grades have a point value assigned to each letter grade. That point value is multiplied by the weight of the course (1 for full year and .50 for half year). The points earned for each course are added together and then divided by the total weight to determine the Grade Point Average (GPA).

Graduation Requirements can be found in our student handbook: HERE