Middle School Supply Letter


Summer, 2018

Dear Smith Academy Middle School Students, Parents, & Guardians,


Greetings! Here is some information about school supplies middle school students will need for the upcoming school year and a summary of middle school academic policies. We look forward to an exciting academic year, full of stimulating challenges.




ENGLISH (Grades 7 & 8)  


Mrs. Karen Guiel


MATH (Grades 7 & 8)


Mrs. Shelley Gingras




SCIENCE & TECH ED, Ms. Emily Case

ART, Mrs. Julie Muellejans

HEALTH/PE, Mr. Brendan Abad

BAND, Mr. David Morris

RESEARCH SKILLS (Grade 7 only), Ms. Scarlett Shockey

WORLD LANGUAGE (Grade 8 only)

French, Mrs.  Christelle Boyle

Spanish, Mrs. Angie Baranoski

PHYSICAL EDUCATION/Health, Ms. Dena Polverari


GUIDANCE, Mrs. Casey Pescitelli



Students are not permitted to carry backpacks or bags during the school day unless with prior permission from the school nurse for medical purposes. Backpacks and bags may be used to transport books to and from school. Students have time to go to their lockers after every two classes. Our reasons for continuing this policy include a concern for students’ safety, a need for safe passage in classrooms and hallways, and a desire to promote organizational skills. Please note that school lockers are narrow (about 9” wide) and some larger backpacks don’t fit in them.


Homework Assignment Notebook

The school will provide a homework assignment notebook to all middle school students. We write homework assignments on our whiteboards, explain what students are expected to do, remind students to write down the assignment in their assignment book, and give them sufficient time to do so every day. In addition, students and parents will be able to access information about learning goals and class assignments for core academic classes online. We will provide more information about this in September.


Notebooks and Binders

For every class, students will need a pocket folder in which to store handouts and a section of a binder with lined paper or a single-subject notebook for class notes. One system that works well is using three 3-ring binders (1-1 ½”): one dedicated to English and Social Studies, another to Math and Science, and a third for afternoon classes.  Students should bring dividers, pocket folders, white-lined filler paper, and three-hole punched graph paper to class; we will help them set up their binders for our classes.


It is important that students develop good habits about storing handouts in folders and binders. Tucking papers into textbooks is not a useful organizational strategy, and it can ruin the book, which may result a fine assessed for replacing or rebinding the book at the end of the year.

Other Supplies

  • Pencil case, stocked with pens and pencils (including about 12 high quality wooden pencils, such as Ticonderoga brand, for art)

  • One subject notebook for Ms. Guiel’s English class (Interactive Notebook)

  • One glue stick and scissors for Ms. Guiel’s Interactive Notebook.

  • A folder for French class (storing papers in the textbook destroys the binding of the book)

  • One “Scotch-Brite” type sponge (yellow sponge with green scouring pad, for art)

  • Calculator (A basic calculator is fine; a limited number of graphing calculators are available for students to use in class. Graphing calculator apps are an inexpensive and useful option for students who have handheld devices such as phones and iPods, but these cannot be used during tests.)

  • For math students should have notepaper and or a notebook along with graph paper for Ms. Gingras’s class. Students will also need in addition to calculator a protractor (clear is best).


Supplies will need to be replenished periodically throughout the year. Please check your student’s supplies from time to time and replenish as needed.



Smith Academy computers are PCs.  Students have school-issued Google accounts, and we use Google Drive for most assignments, which can be accessed from any computer connected to the Internet.



Students with personal electronic devices may want to consider downloading the Google Suite Apps (Drive, Calendar, Gmail), Plus Portals (to access grades), Kahoot and Quizlet (to review curriculum).  Video recording/editing apps may be helpful as long as they are compatible with Google/Windows.


Physical Education

Students will need to bring sneakers (no hiking boots or platform sneakers), t-shirt & shorts (optional: sweatshirt, sweatpants).  Please: no tank tops or clothing with inappropriate language or artwork.


Contacting us

Faculty at Smith Academy can be reached by phone at the school or by e-mail:



Enjoy the rest of your summer!