Washington, D.C. Trip


Dear Eighth Grade Parents/Guardians,

As we approach our annual 8th grade trip to Washington, D.C., I would like to communicate the details and particulars of our trip. This educational opportunity is a fun, valuable learning experience through historic Philadelphia, Washington’s museums, monuments, cultural attractions, and a visit to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. This year’s trip is scheduled for Friday, May 17 to Monday, May 20. The cost per student is significantly subsidized by fundraising activities that the class has sponsored during the last two years and your Smith Academy class dues payments. If you are not up-to-date on your class dues, please submit your payments as soon as possible. The actual cost per student for this year’s trip is roughly $650.00, but class dues and fundraisers allowed us to reduce the cost for each student to $525.00.

Parents/guardians who wish to have their 8th grader participate must make a $150.00 down payment on or before March 22, 2019. The remaining balance, and any outstanding class dues from 7th and 8th grade, must be paid, in full, by May 10, 2019. The annual class dues amount is $60.00 per year. Mrs. Kristy Dadmun or I can answer questions you may have regarding class dues and whether you may be eligible for a reduction in the price based upon financial need. If you need a reminder as to whether you paid your dues for this year or last year, please call us.

I have enclosed the 2019 draft Itinerary (meant to give you an idea of what the trip entails) which contains most of the information one needs to know about the trip; however, for those who decide to attend, you will receive an official 2019 packet as our departure date approaches. It is critical that you read through the information with your child to make sure that he/she understands the expectations we have for students while we are away. Spending time on this now will make for a more enjoyable and successful trip for students, chaperones and parents/guardians.

Finally, a trip of this type requires that students have shown an age appropriate level of maturity, positive social skills, and a demonstrated ability to understand and follow directions. If the administration deems that a students conduct may compromise the trip, the student will not be invited to attend. This educational opportunity is a privilege for those who have conducted themselves in an appropriate manner throughout the school year. If I have any concerns, I will contact you directly. Again, please be sure to mark all of the deadlines on your calendar. Thank you in advance for helping to make the trip a big success!

*Please note that we have specific procedural safeguards for dispensing medication while on school trips. All medications, including non-prescription medication, must be held and dispensed by one of the SA staff chaperones. Our Health Office has provided specific guidance surrounding our medication procedures listed below this letter.

Thank you,

Andrew Berrios, Ed.D.


Health Office Guidance

Please Read

All Medications must have a medication order in place before the trip.  

This includes over the counter medications.

Dear Parent/Guardian,

The field trip to DC is a great experience and I want to ensure your student has access to the medications they need during this trip. If your child takes medications at home that they may need during this trip it is important that all required (by the MA Department of Public Health) permissions be received in a timely fashion.

All medications, including over the counter (OTC ex: ibuprofen/zyrtec/tums/dramamine) require 3 things for your child to receive them:

  1. Written MD orders (due on or before Tuesday 5/10). MEDICATION ORDER FORM

    • Most medical practices need 4-6 weeks to complete this form.  These are needed for all medications including OTC medications.

  2. Medicine in original container

(bring a 4 day supply by 5/15, medications will be repackaged by the nurse in single dose packets)

  1. Written parent permission (at time of medication delivery or before)

Please remember this trip is in the spring, many students will need allergy medications or Inhalers at that time of year.

Please call me if you have any questions.



Martha Elliott LPN

SA Health Office