21st Century Learning Expectations

Smith Academy students are expected to develop the following Learning Expectations:

1. Work independently and collaboratively to solve problems, think critically and accomplish goals.

2. Communicate information clearly and effectively using appropriate tools for varied contexts and purposes.

3. Demonstrate creativity, flexibility and adaptability in thinking patterns, work habits and working/learning conditions.

4. Evaluate, select and use technology ethically and effectively.

5. Exhibit integrity in interactions and decisions, characterized by respect for diversity and personal responsibility. 


The following rubrics are used to assess Learning Expectations:

1.  LE_1_Problem_Solving_Rubic.pdf

2. LE_2_Argumentative_Communication_Rubric_6-8.pdf






3. LE_3_Creativity_Rubric.pdf

4. LE_4_Technology_Use_Rubric.pdf (Civic)

5. LE_5_SocialRubric.pdf