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Least Restrictive Environment PreK

Hatfield Elementary school offers full day preschool options for families. Preschool is designed to meet the early needs of students with disabilities in an inclusive model. The PreK policy is linked in the policy section of the website and may offer the most up to date processes. The schedule options for the 2022-2023 school year include 2, 3, and 5 full days. Preschool at HPS is available for school choice seats, Hatfield residents get first slots. The preschool is provided at a cost for typical peer models as follows:

$6,500 (5 Days full year)

$3,900 (3 Days full year)

$2,600 (2 Days full year)

If your child is enrolled in Early Intervention Services (Criterion/REACH etc.) and you would like to have them attend PreK in Hatfield please notify your worker and beginning the referral process. This should happen by 90 days prior to their 3rd birthday.

All Preschool students are screened for developmental milestones.

All Preschool students who receive special education for longer than 6 months in a given school year are assessed through the three categories of Indicator 7. Families are encouraged to participate in this process. 

Transition and referral from Early Intervention