Weekly email: October 30th

October 30th saw the first snow of 2020/21

Good afternoon everyone,


I hope that you have had a safe week.


We are almost at the end of Q1 and Thanksgiving is almost in sight! I wanted to thank you for your ongoing support and feedback. We always welcome suggestions of how we can improve what we do for students and to this end, I wanted to let you know that during the week of Nov 9th - 13th I will be sending home surveys for all SA community members to complete. This will let us know how we are doing and inform any changes we make for Q2.


Please find below information about upcoming events.


Don't forget to set your clocks back on Sunday!


Best wishes




School Meals

Lunch Form

Lunch Menu

Senior Photos

Last call for your 2021 Yearbook Photos and Senior Section Form

Please upload the following using our image upload platform 

Here’s the direct link:  https://images.jostens.com/415464815  

What to submit? 

  • 1 formal photo
  • 1 informal photo
  • 1 Young childhood photo (age 0-5) Will appear on a Younger Childhood page. Send your top choice
  • School-age photos - As many as you can, small-group is best - taken in school, on field trips, with friends, etc.  as you'd like, we can crop
  • Pet photos - group or individual pictures are fine
    (group photo, 1 photo for each pet, etc.)


Nurse updates


Info to help keep the schools open  and   Halloween Health & Safety Tips


Community Spirit - wear an SA mask, link


School Council meeting minutes and slideshow, link


End of Q 1 and Reports

Monday 2nd Nov - Make up deadline. Q 2 starts on Nov 9th, Q1 report cards on 13th


No school, remote or in-person on the following days:

November 6th (Staff will be involved with PD from 7:30am-2pm)

November 11th (Veterans' day)

There will not be food available on either of these days

Students are encouraged to try to get off their screens on both days


November 25th & December 23rd

Half day remote schedule: 8:30-10:30am

There will not be food distribution at 12:15-45pm